Saturday, September 26, 2009

A long time gone....

It has been a while since I posted here. School is pretty demanding this time of the year, as is my yard, my house, etc. I have sewing (notice I didn't say "quilting") responsibilities now also. I'm going to start sewing my 3rd and final Halloween costume today. The thing I always forget during the time that passes from sewing one garment to the next is that, when you sew clothes, you are done soon! We don't ever start a quilt one day and say, "Gosh, I hope I get this finished today!" That is my goal for this little dinosaur costume for my 2 year old grandson. I have a couple quick projects to do this morning (plant sweet peas, finish a skirt for my nearly 4 year old granddaughter, and finish painting a gourd). But once the college football games begin, I will plant myself in my sewing room and let the green fluffly fabric fly!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Christmas pillow

This is the Christmas project that I am making for family and friends. I have already finished embroidering 14 of the centers....about 5 to go!

Working away on a 3-day weekend!

I haven't posted for over a month, but I have been busy! Today, I have an empty house. My husband's team is playing in a water polo tournament out of town- and doing really well! I have made 2 Halloween kitchen towels, made a Christmas pillow, and finished my granddaughter Sammy's raincoat. It is for her birthday in October. The outside is an oilcloth...the first time I've worked with that!